Curved Stairlifts

Do you need curved stailifts!

We often get asked “what type of stair lift do I need?”

As stair lift experts, this blog will not only answer that question… but will give you an overview of what curved stairlifts are.

Curved stairlifts prices imageCurved stairlifts are one of the most popular stairlifts in our range thanks to their versatility. As their name suggests, they are particularly suited to use on staircases that curve round or have corners. They run on a track that allows them to move smoothly around the curves without the user having to dismount.

Of course, those with limited mobility can benefit greatly from stair lifts. Having either curved stair lifts or the straight type installed is very much dependent on the staircase. What both types remove is the everyday struggle and risk of getting up and down the stairs.

Why are curved stairlifts more expensive than straight stairlifts?

The difference in curved stairlift prices is simply because of the curved rail which the carriage travels on.

The cost to manufacture a curved rail is significantly higher than a straight rail. This is mainly due to the fact the curved stair lift rail is manufactured specifically for you, to fit perfectly to the contours of your staircase. As you can imagine, there are many designs of staircase so it would be difficult for any stair lift company to give an accurate price prior to an on-site survey. You may therefore wonder why curved stair lift prices vary so much. I mean, the carriage (seat part) is exactly the same as that of a straight stair lift model, so why do some companies charge considerably more than others? Well, the big difference in price usually comes down to three things;

  1. The rail, more specifically the manufacturing process
  2. Number of curves in the rail
  3. Additional features

The curved rail

Curves rails are specifically made to fit your existing staircase, whatever its shape or size. The benefits of a made-to-measure rail include a smoother ride, more space for other household members to move up and down the stairs and a perfect fit for your own personal needs.

Number of curves required

The number of curves required will increase the manufacturing costs for a bespoke curved rail.

Curved stairlifts features

On top of these average costs, the price of a curved stair lift may increase with optional extras such as:

  • Power swivel seat to help the user mount/dismount versus a manual swivel.
  • Folding footrest, arms and seat to reduce amount of room the stair lift takes up while not in use.
  • Rail extensions, room permitted, to allow user to dismount the stair lift further away from top of stair case.
  • Power hinged rails, allowing the top/bottom part of the stair lift rail to be folded away at the click of a button, reducing the dangers of trips and hazards.
  • Lastly, choice of upholstery and trim finish.

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