Erewash Partnership Members!

Members of the Erewash Partnership!

First of all, we’re really pleased to announce that we have just been accepted as members of the Erewash Partnership.  This is a group of around 400 local businesses (called Associates). They are considered to be key in developing the local economy by supporting enterprise and regeneration.  Erewash Partnership

The company running this membership work very closely with Erewash Borough Council. Raising awareness of community projects, support events and charity work. In addition it supports the general well-being of the local community.

Erewash Partnership members

As a result our membership allows us to work with other members to share business practice ideas. It gives advice and receives lots of training. Areas such as Emergency First Aid at Work and Safeguarding. Probably something we could all do with knowing a little bit more about!  We also meet on a quarterly basis to network. After all, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Furthermore, we’re happy to admit that most of our customers come recommended. We certainly know how to look after them that’s for sure!

To become a member we had to apply and be questioned on our working practices. Especially relevant were our customer satisfaction, our trustworthiness and honesty. Also, in addition was how well we work with the local community.  We were really overwhelmed with their decision and very proud to be accepted.  This means we can now use the Erewash Partnership logo on our publications. This shows our customers that we’re a reputable business. We hope we will be given the opportunity to prove this to our new customers!

So it all goes back to good old-fashioned customer service! Something we’ve always believed in and promised our customers. Just read some of our customer testimonials! You’ll get an idea of our working practices and beliefs.  It sounds cheesy but our Priority is meeting yours!

Have a lovely day,

Jon and Sarah, Priority Lift Services Ltd.